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Amplify the Brand

Amplify is a brand that speaks to the masses, targeted at students, in particular, this brand boasts affordability and functionality. We know at Amplify that when you are a student, there isn’t too much money to spare, that’s why we have turned our products into something easy on the pocket.  Amplify is home to very stylish, bright, and sleek designs that appeal to the eye.

Why Amplify?

Well, we have moulded ourselves around the needs of our clients. Therefore, we have spun our focus to be completely on the shopper, which has been a testimony to our success thus far. We know the need for consumer electronics is constantly growing. With that being said, our range is a plethora of choices from cables, earphones, headphones, etc to cellular accessories, and wearables. Literally, we cater to every need you may have. Amplify, is all about living loud, amplifying, and enhancing your life with our products. Above all else, we would like our client, you, to think of Amplify as your one-stop solution to get you through your day. Not to mention, we are proud to say that we offer a 12-month, limited warranty on all of our products.

All About Amplify

Amplify was launched in 2012. Therefore, as a brand, we have been going strong for the past 10 years. Proudly we can say that we managed to conquer the global pandemic that hit us in 2010. With so many years under our belt, we would say that we are industry experts. That being said, we are never too proud to learn new things, which is how we keep our edge in innovation. We love to keep up with the trends, or even stay one step ahead of them. By doing this, we remain a vibey and fresh brand that will offer you the style and functionality that works for you!

Amplifying your Life

In a nutshell, we are here to enhance your life and make things better! By being consistent with affordability and quality, we stand behind our brand’s offering of value for money. With Amplify the innovation never ends, we will continue to help you live loud. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Amplify your gear, and Amplify your life!

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