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It’s Party Time!

Party Speakers
Party Speakers

It is time to party it up! We are heading into the festive season, and we all know what that means! It is time to indulge in the festivities and immerse ourselves in the party and travel culture that the end of the year brings. Let’s be honest, what is a party without music? That is why we at Amplify are here to take you on a live out loud journey on just how to get your celebrations started! 

Want to Party at Home?

If you choose to celebrate your end-of-year festivities with a good old karaoke with friends, then the Amplify Gladiator Speaker is the way to go. It comes stock standard with a microphone and up to 6 hours’ worth of unplugged playtime. Not to mention that this bad boy is on wheels, making it easy for you to bring it along with you or roll it from one room to another when you are getting your dance on. If that wasn’t enough, this speaker can fit onto a tripod (included) allowing you to get some height to your sound.  

If you are wanting a party speaker that is a little less of a wanderer then why not indulge in the Amplify Cyclops X Series? Although its playtime is slightly less when it comes to being unplugged. This speaker allows you to fit it to a tripod (included in packaging) so, if you feel you may need to plug it in at some point during the festivities, just be sure to place the tripod near a power outlet.  

Travelling? No Problem!

Most of our party speakers come standard with wheels, allowing you to wheel your sound around without breaking your back. However, if you feel like a party speaker is just too much to bring along with you on your travels, we have some great travel-sized speakers that pack a punch when it comes to big sound. Have a look at our small little party starters here. What is great about some of the smaller speakers is that when the battery starts dying, you don’t have to look for a plug point. Instead, you can plug in one of our super powerful, compact, power banks 

No Reason Not to Party

With all of the attractive offerings that we have at Amplify, there is no reason for you not to party it up this festive season! Kit yourself out for the party animal that you know you are, whether you celebrate with a small, easy to -travel speaker or a giant trolley speaker we at Amplify always want to see you living your life out loud! So, no excuses, it’s time to Amplify your gear and Amplify your life! 

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