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The Amplify Product Range

The Amplify product range of consumer electronics is extremely vast. Ideally, we have constructed our range to be the full consumer electronic solution to get you through your day. We would love to share our range with you for you to decide which Amplify products are your favourite.

Our Range of Accessories

We are host to a plethora of accessories, from aux cables to power banks, charging cables, phone holders, speakers, and everything in between. Although it is difficult to choose one of our most loved products, we would have to say our power banks are in huge demand. With our power banks, like the Spark Series, boasting between 10 000mAh and 20 000mAh worth of power there is no doubt that you will always have charge in your phone. Additionally, with multiple charging points, you can even charge more than one device at a time. Our cables are also a hot commodity as we all need a cable for something and with our super durable materials, Amplify is definitely the first choice.

The Headphones and Earphones Range

It is no lie that our range of headphones and earphones is impressive. When it comes to these two modes of listening to music, it is all up to client preference. Those that can’t decide, generally have a set of both. On the topic of earphones, it is clear that most customers are enjoying the look, feel, and functionality of our True Wireless range. This means that our range of, Buds Series, Note Series, and Zodiac Series, are hitting the sweet spot for our audience. However, we can’t say that our wired earphone is out of the running. Some of our buyers still prefer the physical connection between products, feeling that there is more of a sense of control. For those clients, we have catered our Vibe Series, as well as the Jazz Series Earphones.

Let’s talk Headphones now, some people prefer headphones to earphones, as they may feel it is comfier to wear over an extended period. More so, you may feel that headphones are a better way to drown out background noises. Again, when it comes to wired or wireless, the preference is completely that of the buyer. In saying so, we have catered for both. Wireless, Bluetooth sees an offering of our popular Fusion Series, along with our Chorus Series. If we think wired, you may prefer to go for the Groove Series or our Symphony Series. What’s more, is that we cater to your little ones with our Kiddies Series. In this regard, we believe that wired headphones are better for children as there are fewer parts to go missing than you would have on a Bluetooth earphone for example.

Let’s Talk Cables & Microphones

Our range of cables is quite unique, providing all of the charging heads that you may need. More so, most of our cables make use of a braided design to ensure sturdiness, and let’s face it, it looks good! We would gather that when it comes to cables, more is better, having seen our Linked Series 3-in-1 charging cables being a winner among our clients.

Belt out your favourite song, with our Sing-Along Series Microphones, these are loved by both kids and adults alike.

Wearables Baby!

The time has come to talk about wearables, another range we are particularly proud of. We have an offering for both children and adults. The kiddies can indulge in our Move It Series range, which boasts different colour straps. Additionally, it monitors your child’s steps, calories and distance walked, obviously above telling the time. Depending on your design preference, adults can choose between our Compete Series and our Sport Athletic Series.

Speaker Up

We proudly present our array of speakers to you. From small handheld speakers to larger-than-life party speakers our offering is sure to impress. Whatever you decide to use, you can expect quality sound, user-friendly controls, and connections, as well as a style that will suit your needs. So, “speaker-up”, with our assortment of Amplify Speakers

Amplify Range Wrap Up

That’s a wrap on the Amplify range, it is clear to see that we have an impressive collection to provide for most of your electronic needs. We are all about living loud and proud, as well as the premise of amplifying your life with products that can all be found under one brand solution.